Turing Scholarships

Turing is currently offering the bigLOVISA scholarship and the Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship. See below for more info on each scholarship and due dates.

Scholarship essays are due by midnight on the date listed and must be submitted via the formal application forms linked here. Emailed applications and essays will not be considered.

For additional questions please contact financialaid@turing.edu.

bigLOVISA Scholarship:

Lovisa Svallingson, a beloved member of the Turing Community was tragically lost in an accident in 2021. Through combined efforts with her family and network of friends, Turing is now offering a scholarship in her name in remembrance of her and her amazing work.

This scholarship will be awarded annually to a Turing student to continue the work at the intersection of tech, environmental sustainability, and women empowerment, that Lovisa was so passionately committed to.

This is a $10,000 scholarship awarded to a single student.

This scholarship will also be awarded based on a demonstrated financial need.

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Upcoming Due Dates

Scholarship application due date: March 3, 2024

Scholarships will be announced on or before: March 11, 2024

“It is hard to put into words how much the bigLOVISA scholarship meant to me during my time at Turing and navigating such a significant life change. Being selected was an honor, beyond easing my financial strain, it served as a constant source of motivation throughout the program. I’ll be forever thankful and am carrying this gratitude with me into my new role as an engineer.”
— Caitlin, former bigLOVISA scholarship winner

The Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship:

Turing stands for the inclusion and equality of all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, zip code, background, or life experience. When we look at the tech industry overall, though, we see significant biases and a lot of missing faces. So many amazing people who could make monumental contributions to software development have not yet entered the field. This needs to change.

People build software to solve problems, but we tend to only solve problems when we know they exist. Until the experiences of all software developers begin to mirror the experiences of all software users, real problems will remain unsolved and real needs will remain unmet. If you don’t see yourself as fitting some “typical software developer mold”, then you are exactly who we need. Your differences are valuable.

We have two scholarships available at $8,000/each for each cohort. If you belong to any group that is underrepresented in technology and you have been accepted to Turing, we invite you to apply by clicking the button below.

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Upcoming Due Dates

Scholarship application due date: February 25, 2024

Scholarships will be announced on or before: March 4, 2024

Eligibility for the Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship

Scholarship applicants must be accepted into the Turing School of Software & Design and meet the following qualifications:

  1. Identify as a member of at least one group that is underrepresented in technology. We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply including students with Disabilities, First Generation, Low-Income, LGBTQIA+, Religious Beliefs, Veterans, etc."
  2. Be accepted and committed to the upcoming cohort.
  3. Complete a brief (approximately 1000 word) scholarship essay. Our scholarship panel will award scholarships based on your essay response according to three categories: Passion, Determination, and Need.

How much are the scholarships Worth?

Scholarships are awarded in the form of tuition waivers of $8,000 and applied to the total tuition.

How will scholarship recipients be selected?

Turing scholarships are reviewed by a panel of Turing staff. The scholarship committee will score essays based on a rubric evaluating the following questions:

  • Passion: What will you contribute to the future with your new skills?
  • Dedication: How hard have you worked to overcome obstacles, and how determined are you to continue on this path?
  • Need: What constraints are you facing and how will this scholarship make Turing possible for you?

Scholarship Program Terms & Conditions:

  1. Scholarships are offered in the form of tuition waivers and have no cash value. If the scholarship recipient is unable to complete the program for any reason, no refund of the waived amount will be offered. In the event a student withdraws during the program, the waiver amount applied will be prorated at a rate of $2,000 per module completed for FE and BE programs and $1,333 for Launch . Waived tuition is only available for general tuition; repeated modules or other special circumstances are not eligible for this scholarship program and will be covered under Turing’s general tuition policies.
  2. By applying for admission to Turing and the Scholarship program, you certify that your answers are true and complete to the best of your knowledge and acknowledge that providing false or misleading information at any stage of the application process may result in disqualification from the scholarship program and/or removal from Turing School. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  3. Scholarships are subject to the availability of funds and based on satisfaction of all terms and conditions.
  4. By participating in the scholarship program, you authorize Turing School to publicly announce your scholarship, and share your image, story, and quotes for marketing purposes online or in print independently or in conjunction with partner organizations.
  5. Scholarship may be withdrawn if the candidate is awarded a scholarship and fails to sign the enrollment contract and pay the $1,200 deposit required of all students.
  6. Scholarship will be applied at a rate of $2000 per module completed for FE and BE programs and $1,333 for Launch programs.
  7. Scholarship may be withdrawn in its entirety if the candidate violates Turing’s Student Conduct Policy.
  8. Students are responsible for cost of living and relocation.
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